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MacBook Song, english translation of the lyrics

Note: This is a literal translation which can't be sung (doesn't fit on the melody). But I will try to do an English version of this funny little song.

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Saw you standing in the store
and I just knew I wanted you!
I couldn't resist
and grabbed you on the spot.

MacBook, will you come with me
wherever I may go
Lil Book, will you come with me
and I'll be so happy

With your noble silver dress
you are the loveliest far and wide
you always run so fast and reliably
and your display shines so brightly!

MacBook, will you...

You've got everything that's important to me
you were expensive enough after all
you are nothing but awesome
but unfortunately the hard disk is full!

...with pics from hiking, music from myself and others
and in the world wide web I can find everything I need
and can even tell about me; all this I owe to you.
Yes, life is Fun, Fun, Fun since I have you!

MacBook, will you...

With you, I have everything with me
it hardly can get any better
and there is nothing that could part us
until the bitter end...

Macbook, then you can't come with me anymore!
Then I'm going to buy a Mac Pro!
But someone who wants you
is already round the corner.

But until that time...

MacBook, you can come with me,
wherever I may go
Lil Book, you can come with me,
and we're so happy!

© Antonia Lutz